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Founded in 2010, Hope, Horses & Kids has filled a need for all children, especially those with special needs, in Monterey County. Our talented team of “Equine Assistants” provide a variety of experiences and activities to a diverse group of clients each week. Our programs offer support to individuals with physical disabilities as well as those with emotional, cognitive and behavioral challenges. Our clients experience things they have never been exposed to anywhere else!

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The Hope, Horses & Kids Program

Equine Assisted Learning

Referred to as ‘EAL’, this program partners teachers and HHK staff together to design and implement authentic learning programs that foster positive behavior and teach life skills.​

Equine Assisted Therapy

Referred to as ‘EAT’, a mental health provider partners with HHK to bring together the natural lessons of working with people and horses for the benefit for marginalized groups. EAT is a more personal, in-depth therapy session and serves as an alternative to conventional “talk therapy”.

Life & Horse Skills

Designed and customized for individuals and groups to teach everyday life skills. Each lesson is customized to the particular needs of each student. The client is engaged in every component-grooming, tacking up, and riding.


AK, Monterey

AK, Monterey

Great place for kids no matter what their ability. Our special young people seem to have great connection with the horses.

JC, Monterey

JC, Monterey

Lori is amazing with my special needs students. Each visit opens a new door for our students. Outstanding program!!!!

LZ, Salinas

LZ, Salinas

We had the pleasure of visiting Lori with our small class. She was amazing with the boys and took time to explain and make them feel comfortable. They learned so much and we all can’t wait to return next year! I highly recommend visiting her!

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